Scottybot's Everything Bot

Scottybot is's premier chat bot, offering an extensive list of features, many of which are not seen elsewhere. It hosts the typical features, such as anti-spam filtering, commands, repeating messages, ability to change the bot name, and more. It also hosts many unique features, such as a points system, games, raffles for each tier of user (Aka Everyone/Followers/Subscribers) and more, including a downloadable GUI, which is optional, that is your one stop shop to control both your bot and your channel.

Getting Started

Step 1

Getting Scottybot in your channel is easy to do, just click the "Let's Go!" button below, and you will have a pop-up that takes you to Mixer's site asking for Approval. Click Approve and it will do the rest!

Optional Step 2

Download ScottyGUI clicking the "Download GUI" button below. With this, you can control the bot as if he was running from your machine.

What is the Scottybot GUI?

The GUI, dubbed ScottyGUI, hosts many features giving you unique control over both your bot and your channel. It allows you to enable or disable most features of the bot in your channel, allows you to change the game and the stream title on the fly with an easy to use game search and sorter, has alerts for both followers and subscribers, channel statistics, a built in and pop-out chat client and much more. It also includes a moderator mode, in which your moderators can access the same panel once the streamer has provided them with the uniquely generated authkey found in the settings page. This gives the moderator full control of the bot (not the stream due to restrictions) as if they were the streamer, so a certain level of trust is required. The GUI is completely optional, but does make life so much easier.


Choose a category:

  • !scottyjoin


    Run this from any channel Scottybot is in, recommend Scottybot will delete the message and whisper to you the status of the join.

  • !scottyleave


    Run this from your channel to remove scottybot. There will be tears.

  • !authkey


    Run this from your channel to have the authkey whispered to you.

  • !regenauthkey


    Run this from your channel to generate and whisper a new authkey to you. Doing this invalidates the old key.

  • !uptime


    Displays how long the streamer has been live.

  • !set broadcasts on/off

    Mods and Above

    Enable and Disable global admin/shutdown messages if you find them to chatty.

  • !audience [family/teen/18+]

    Everyone/Mods and Above

    Shows current channel rating, or allows you to set it to family/teen/18+ (Scotty must be Channel Editor to change Audience rating)

  • !status


    Shows the current game being played and the stream title.

  • !status NewStreamTitle

    Mods and Above

    Allows you to set your stream title from inside your chat. (Scotty must be Channel Editor to change stream Title)

  • !setgame NewGameName

    Mods and Above

    Queries Mixer if the game you asked for exists, and if it does sets to that. It is a best effort, if it dosn't work double check your game name. Example: "Elite Dangerous" dosn't work, "Elite: Dangerous" does. (Scotty must be Channel Editor to change Game)

  • !host Channel

    Mods and Above

    Will host the target channel.

  • !stophost

    Mods and Above

    Stops hosting in your channel


Why take donations?

I will do my absolute best to make sure Scottybot remains free meaning unlimited commands, no points cap, unlimited quotes, etc... However, servers do cost so any support is greatly appreciated.

If you do decide to donate, follow the instructions to the right and you'll be auto-flagged as a donator. Donating gives you access to fun Scottybot features, for more information:


To gain donator status a donation of $10 USD or more is required, and you must follow the steps below to be auto flagged. If something goes wrong email me at with your paypal email address.

  1. Make sure scottybot is in your channel.
  2. Go to the donation page with the button below..
  3. You will be direct to Mixer so I can verify who you are.
  4. Leave a message, I love comments!
  5. Click donate.
  6. Scottybot should announce your donator status in your channel!

Scottybot Streams

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